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The Crew : Mission Sous-Marine

Par Dragon Nain

The Crew : Mission Sous-Marine is the independent sequel to The Crew. This cooperative game features the same innovative turn-taking mechanism as the original, but with new exciting surprises! Dive into the depths of the ocean with this cooperative game! In The Crew: Mission Sous-Marine, you and your fellow players work together to search for the lost continent of Mu. This new adventure takes your crew to the deepest abysses in search of the legendary sunken land. The distance to travel depends entirely on the quality of your teamwork. Card by card, turn by turn, your search team will discover the challenges that await you and chart a path to Mu. Communication is limited, but essential to your success. Finding the hidden land in the dark depths depends not only on successful turns, but also on careful negotiation of the order in which they are won. If things don’t go as planned, you may be able to save the operation, but it will take almost flawless execution and maybe a little luck to finally reach Mu. The game offers a variant for 2 players.

The Crew : Mission Sous-Marine en vidéo

Les règles de The Crew : Mission Sous-Marine en vidéo

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The Crew : Mission Sous-Marine

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